About Victoria

Victoria Marble is an illustrator specializing in character & narrative design, with a particular emphasis on children, animals, insects, & floral designs. 

I have loved to draw, read, and write my entire life. Fables, fairytales, film, animation- the art of storytelling in all of its forms- has always fascinated me (I have a very wide and varied set of favorite movies, books, cartoons, and games, which could easily fill an entirely separate page), and I have always dreamed of sharing characters and places I’ve invented with anyone who would be moved, inspired, or educated by them. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t carrying a sketchbook with me.

Victoria's love for drawing led her to pursue a well-rounded artistic background with courses completed in a wide range of concepts and media, including drawing and composition, figure drawing, painting, illustration, multimedia, and game design. She became an executive board member of the Simi Valley Art Association at the beginning of 2015, where she quickly gained local recognition for her uniquely stylized pen-and-ink illustrations. Victoria helps edit and coordinate the association's monthly newsletter in addition to attending meetings and art demos, and participating in art shows, galleries, and contests. Her work in the association has won various awards.

As a member of SCBWI, Victoria has participated in critique groups, Sketch Crawls, the Ventura County regional chapter Traveling Sketchbook, and the monthly DrawThis! challenge. 

Victoria lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter, and three little dogs. When not drawing, reading or writing, Victoria enjoys watching movies with her daughter, eating dessert, and drinking coffee or tea. She is a fan of traditional animation, the Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties, and Audrey Hepburn films. 

Victoria adores creating art that emphasizes the beauty of nature- and particularly birds, fish, insects, and floral designs, along with cute children and animal characters.

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