Happy October 1st, everyone! I am excited to share my first #FallWritingFrenzy entry, hosted yearly by the incredible duo,

Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis. For more information on the contest or to view other entries, click here

The Familiar

by Victoria Marble

150 wc

          The veil was thinning, and Kelgrip’s whiskers twitched at the change in the air. Having spent the summer as a feral in the shadowy woods, sniffing out quails’ nests and following the trails of hunting screech owls, he was ready to cross back into familiarity.

          As the moon waxed over the course of these past nights, Kelgrip had followed the scent of pavement to that black road that would lead to the old mill where his mistress would be awaiting his return. A gift upon his arrival was customary, and he thought sprigs of hemlock from above the grave spots nearby would serve.

          He bounded up a stone wall, lit upon a soft mound, and frightened a rat in course. He took up the hemlock, exited the graveyard by a rotted wood gate, and slunk up the long, dark road, eager to know what mischief was certain this night. 

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